Zoom 6.5″ U-Tail Worm – Pumpkin (10pcs)


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Zoom’s U-Tail Worm is a great option for the weedless Texas rig. With a solid, ribbed body and super thin, U-shaped tail, which produces a pulsating, flapping action on the retrieve or fall. Can also be very effective when fished on a carolina rig, jig head, or rigged weedless/weightless in shallow water. Produced from soft, supple plastic, which is salt infused and life-like to the touch. Made in the USA, 10pcs per pack (please note that these worms were bulk purchased and are supplied in unbranded packaging).

Length (with tail extended): 6.5″ (16.5cm)

Weight: 4g

Colour: Pumpkin (see photo)