All the latest information about stock updates and new product arrivals is added here. This post will be updated regularly as new stock arrives, to help keep you better informed.

25/5/22 – New product added: Gurza Easy Swimbait Hook. We’ve also had more stock of AGM Finesse Glider Jig Heads.

18/5/22 – Further new stock added, including Lunker City 3″ Slug-Go, AGM 6″ Curltail Worm, Culprit 9″ Worms & AGM Long Nose Pliers.

13/5/22 – New product listed today: Crazy Fish 2.7″ Floating Polaris. We’ve also added more Big Hammer 3″ Swimbaits and 9″ Sledgehammer Swimbaits.

10/5/22 – Further new products listed today: Gurza Sport MH-14 Worm Hook, Lunker City 3.5″ Fin-S Fish.

9/5/22 – New product added: Big Hammer 5″ Salt Shaker Worm.

5/5/22 – More stock of Gurza hooks, nitinol wire traces and split rings has arrived. We’ve also added some Hester Big Willow Spinners.

4/5/22 – Further Hester stock listed, including Guppy, Surface Popper & Bug Crankbait.

3/5/22 – More Hester stock added to the site, including 1.5″ & 2″ Deep Creep, Jointed Trout Minnow and Devil Spinner.

29/4/22 – All sizes of AGM Jiggle Heads are back in stock, including two new weights, 1.5g and 2.5g. We’ve also added some new colours in the Hester Small Fry crankbait.

28/4/22 – All strengths of Seaguar Reel Soft & Ace Hard Fluorocarbon are now back in stock.

22/4/22 – All sizes of Gurza Egg Snap, Duo Lock Snap & Fast Clip are now back in stock.

21/4/22 – More Hester lures added today, including Jerk Slider (2 new colours) and Mad Minnow.

20/4/22 – More of the following stock has arrived from Hester: Nano Crank (including new colour Firetiger), Top Dog (new surface lure), Carp Floater, Shallow Shad, Perch Floater, Small Fry/Mini Small Fry & Skipper. Worth a look, some of the colours we’ve added have been out of production for more than a year!

14/4/22 – New products added today: Relax 5″ Oklahoma and AGM Goby Jig Head.

11/4/22 – New colours in Relax 2″ Kopyto Shad added today, along with more Hester Fly Spinners and Shad Z crankbaits.

9/4/22  – Over the last couple of days we’ve added more Hester Spinners, new colours in Relax 2.5″ Kopyto Shad and some new Gurza K-1303 O’Shaughnessy Worm Hooks.

1/4/22 – New product added: AGM 2″ Finesse Grub.

March 2022 – New product added: AGM Tungsten Ned Head. New products added: Relax 6″ Kopyto Shad and AGM Tungsten Slim Drop Shot Weight. We’ve added more VMC hooks (including 7237 Inline Single, 7346 Swimbait, 9626/9649 Trebles, 7317TI Saltwater Worm & 7239O Barbless Spinner). Also, new product addition: Profi-Blinker 20g Spoon. New product added: AGM Tungsten Worm Weight. Also, new AGM Jig Skirt colours added, along with new AGM Twintail colours. More stock of Sufix 832 Braid & Nanobraid has arrived. All sizes of AGM Glass Lure Rattle are now back in stock. Added today: Big Hammer Ring Hammer Swimbaits, 2″ Swimbaits. All sizes of AGM Lead Free & Tungsten Drop Shot Weights are now back in stock. We’ve also added some more AGM Shaky and Saltwater Dart jig heads. All sizes/colours of Crazy Fish Soar Spoon are back in stock. More stock added over the last couple of days, including AGM Jig Heads, AGM Split Rings and Gurza Long Beak Worm Hook (new).

February 2022 – New products added today: Relax 2.5″ Floating Kopyto Shads and AGM Sled Heads. We’ve added more Hester Spinners. Hester Small Fry & Mini Small Fry are now back in stock. Further stock added today, including Crazy Fish Classic & Floating Classic Worm, Glider/Floating Glider. We’ve added more Crazy Fish Vibro Worm (all sizes) & Hooks. More Crazy Fish stock listed, including Allure (all sizes) and Tough swimbait (all sizes). Added today: Crazy Fish 2″ & 4″ Cruel Leech, 1.6″ & 2.5″ Nimble3.4″ Floating Vibro Worm. More Crazy Fish stock has just arrived, including: 2″ Tipsy, 1.8″ & 3″ Crayfish, Vibro Fat (all sizes), Floating Nimble, 4″ Nimble, 2″ Active Slug & Whitebait. We’ve also added more Hester Bug Crankbait, Willow Fly Spinner, Carp Floater and Perch Floater. Added today: Crazy Fish Nano Minnow (all sizes), Micro Jig Joint Hook (all sizes), Polaris (all sizes), 1.2″ Tipsy and 1″ Angry Spin. More stock added to the site today, including: Hester Skipper, Guppy, Mad Minnow & Jerk Slider. Crazy Fish Flex Head & Tungsten Flex Head. 3″ & 4″ sizes in Kopyto Shads now added. Relax Kopyto Shads in 1″, 2″, 2.5″ & 5″ are now back in stock, the other sizes will follow tomorrow (along with some new colours). More of the following Hester lures added: Jointed Trout Minnow, Deep Creep, Humpback, Nano Crank & Surface Popper (still more Hester stock to be added this week). We’ve added more stock of the following products this week: AGM Jiggle Heads, Gurza Nitinol Wire Traces, Hooks & Snaps, Orka Marmaid & Shad-Tail lures.

January 2022 – Seaguar Reel Soft/Ace Hard Fluorocarbon – all strengths are back in stock.

December 2021 Big Bite 3″ Trout Worms are back in stock. More stock of the smaller sized AGM jig heads has arrived. More Gurza hooks added to the site.

November 2021 – More products listed today, including: AGM Jiggle Heads (all sizes), Gurza EWG Hook (all sizes back in stock), Split Rings & Nitinol Wire Traces. All sizes of Gurza Duo Lock Snap and Fast Clip are back on the site. All colours of Big Bite Ballzy Worm are now back in stock. Further stock added, including Gamakatsu Siwash (Open Eye) Hooks & AGM Spinner jigs. The following have been added today: Kalin’s Octogambo Grub, VMC 7237 Inline Hooks. More stock added to the site, including Crazy Fish hooks, Crazy Fish 3″ Vibro Worm, Profi-Blinker Insanity Hooks, Snaps/Swivels & Wire Traces and Orka Shad-Tail. We’ve added more of the following products the the website today: Crazy Fish Cruel Leech, Crazy Fish Polaris, Crazy Fish Allure & AGM Stick Worms.

October 2021 – All sizes of Profi-Blinker Fastlock Swivel are now back in stock and we’ve also received more Profi-Blinker jig heads. Crazy Fish Tough and 3.4″ Floating Vibro Worm added. Further Crazy Fish products added today: 4″ Floating Polaris, Angry Spin, Kasari, Glider/Floating Glider & Flex Heads.  More Crazy Fish lures have been listed, including Nano Minnow (all sizes), 1.2″ Tipsy, 1.6″, 2.5″ & 4″ NimbleWhitebait, 2″ & 3.2″ Floating Nimble, 2″ Tipsy, Vibro Fat (all sizes), 2.8″ Classic & Floating Classic Worm and 2″ Vibro Worm. Further stock added, including Gamakatsu Octopus Hook, AGM Skirt Grub, Profi-Blinker Crimps & Crimping Pliers. More additions to the website this afternoon, including Atlas-Mike’s Gel Scent, Lunker Oil, Lunker Lotion and Lunker Spray (new product), Gamakatsu G-Lock hooks. Added today: AGM Weighted Wide Gape Hooks. Further Big Bite lures added this afternoon, including Panfish Minnow, Hopper Bug, Crappie Minn’r and Cricket. More of the following Big Bite soft plastic lures have been added today: 4.5″ & 6″ Shaking Squirrel, 2.5″ Salt Tube & 4″ Craw Tube. Further new arrivals today, including PowerPro braid, Big Bite Squirrel Tail Worm & Big Bite 4.5″ Fat Grub. We added more stock of AGM Grubs, AGM Jig Heads, AGM Mini Rig Float, Wigglefin Action Disc and Gamakatsu EWG Hooks (all sizes now back in stock). We’ve received more of the following: AGM Mini Tube & AGM Finesse/Finesse Curltail Worm. More stock arrivals added today, including: AGM Ned Heads, Seaguar Fluorocarbon, AGM Crayfish. More additions, we’ve listed the following today: Big Hammer 4″ Salt Shaker Worm, Kalin’s Mogambo Grub, Mustad Double Hooks, Eagle Claw Trailer Hooks, Big Bite Jerk Minnow, Swimming Jerk Minnow & Triple Tail Jerk Minnow, Big Bite 3.5″ & 5″ Cane Thumper, Big Bite Tour Toad. More products added, including: Kalin’s Big N Grubs, 3″ Scrub & Sizmic Toad, Crazy Fish 1.1″ & 1.6″ Allure, Crazy Fish 1″ Angry Spin, Big Bite Jointed Jerk Minnow (all sizes), Big Bite YoMama, Sufix NanoBraid, Big Bite Crappie Thumper, AGM Forceps, Big Bite Limit Maker & Jig Heads, AGM Jig Heads (more of these to be listed over the weekend). Further stock added today, including: Baker Tools & Accessories, Bass Assassin 2″ Curly Shad, Booyah Micro Pond Magic Spinnerbait, Big Bite Swimming Crappie Minn’r and some AGM Jig Heads (still lots more of these to be listed!). The following products are all now back in stock: Crazy Fish Tungsten Jig Heads & Flex Heads, No Knot Fas-Snaps, Owner Mosquito Hooks, Booyah Baby Boo Jig 9g, AGM Crimps, Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbait, Knot2Kinky Wire, Mustad UL Snap Hook & Big Hammer Perch Grubs.

September 2021 – More stock of AGM Jiggle Heads, Gurza Split Rings and Sufix 832 braid has arrived. We’ve added more of the following today: Gurza Nitinol Wire & Wire Traces, Gurza Hooks & Snaps. More stock added today, including: Crazy Fish Hooks, 1.2″ Tipsy, 1.6″ Nano Minnow. The following Crazy Fish stock has just arrived: Tungsten Jig Heads, 1.1″ & 1.6″ Allure, 1″ Angry Spin, 1.2″ & 1.8″ Polaris, 2″ Tipsy. New product added: Hester Nano Crankbait. We’ve also received more Seaguar Reel Soft Fluorocarbon, all strengths now back in stock.

August 2021 – New product added: Sufix NanoBraid. We’ve also received some more VMC hooks and VMC Big Eye Jig Heads. New products added: Gurza Wacky DS Hook and Hester 1.5″ Deep Creep crankbait. More stock of Orka Marmaid & Shad-Tail available. Also added: Owner Beast Twistlock hooks (limited qty). Johnson Beetle Spin added.

July 2021 – New products added: Lunkerhunt Frogs & Strike King Bitsy Flip Jig. New product added: Gurza Fast Clip. Jig Heads Update – we’ve just received stock of some of the smaller AGM jig head styles, including Finesse, Finesse Sickle, Muscle & Premium Ball. Also added to the site today, more stock of Seaguar Reel Soft & Ace Hard Fluorocarbon. More of the following lures have just arrived: Crazy Fish 1.2″ Tipsy, 1″ Angry Spin & 1.8″ Polaris, Hester Small Fry/Mini Small Fry, Mad Minnow, Jointed Trout Minnow, Jerk Slider and Skipper.

June 2021 – More Hester Spinners & Crankbaits added, along with VMC Treble Hooks. New product added: Dichoso 6″ & 7″ Twitchy Minnow. More Gurza stock has arrived, including Nitinol Wire Traces, Duo Lock & Egg Snaps and assorted hooks. New product added: AGM Slim Brass Drop Shot Weights. New product added: Dichoso Heavy Salt Umiushi Worm. More VMC hooks have arrived, including 7310 Super Light Worm Hook, 7552BN Treble Hook, 7266 & 7237 Inline Hooks and 7239O Barbless Spinner Hook. We’ve also replenished our stock of Crazy Fish Flex Heads. More Crazy Fish 2.5″ & 4″ Nimble added to site. Further Crazy Fish added, including 1.2″ & 2″ Glider, Kasari and 1.6″ Nimble.