Wigglefin Action Disc – Size 1 Small (6pcs)


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Wigglefin’s innovative little action discs are an easy way to give your lures more action, they work for both casting and trolling. These clear plastic discs will can be used with many different types of lure to impart a lifelike wiggle or exaggerate an existing swimming action. Simply slide on to your line/trace with the concave face of the disc pointing away from the lure. It’s recommended to add a stopper of some description just above the disc to keep it in place during casting (a small stop knot, split shot or ledger stop should do the trick). The closer the disc is to the lure, the more exaggerated the action. 6pcs per pack (please note that this product is purchased in bulk and supplied in unbranded packaging).

For more detailed rigging information and to see these discs in action click here

Colour: Clear

Size: 1 (Small)

Approx Diameter: 22mm