Hester 4″ Humpback Floater – Silver Roach


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Hester Fishing

These lures have an incredibly lifelike finish. The dark back, bright silver scales and pale belly help to create a very convincing roach imitation. Hester’s Humpback crankbait has a loud internal rattle, quality VMC trebles and weighs in at 28g (1oz), which allows it to be cast a good distance. This crankbait floats at rest and will dive down to around 8ft (2.5mtrs), deeper if trolled. Made in Poland under strict quality control, each lure is individually tank tested before leaving the factory.

Size: 4″ (10cm)

Weight: 28g (1oz)

Diving Depth: 8-11ft (2.5-3.3mtrs)

Colour: Silver Roach (see photo)