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Crazy Fish Tungsten Flex Head 1g – Black (6pcs)


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Crazy Fish

The Tungsten Flex Head from Crazy Fish is effectively a jig head without a hook. It features a removable stainless steel clip, which gives you the versatility to add your own choice of hook. Any type of hook can be used with a Flex Head, although they are particularly handy for weedless rigs (see examples of rigging on photo opposite). As long as you have a selection of hook styles/sizes available, any shape or size of lure can fished with the same head. When you want to change hooks, simply pull out the clip, slide on your chosen hook, push the clip back into the Flex Head and carry on fishing. We sell some hooks from Crazy Fish and other brands with an enlarged eye, which are specifically designed to be used with this sort of head, allowing maximum freedom of movement (see here). Tungsten is denser than lead, eco friendly and safe to use in all UK waters. 6pcs per pack.

Weight: 1g

Colour: Black