AGM Shaky Jig Head 7g – Size 4/0 (5pcs)


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The AGM Shaky Jig Head features an integral stainless wire Spring-Lock for attaching your soft plastics. Originally designed for rigging worms, they can also be used with crayfish, creatures, jerkbaits etc. The ‘shaky’ method is popular with bass anglers in the USA. Lure of choice is normally a straight tail worm, which is slowly worked along the bottom with long pauses. On each pause, subtle twitches of the rod tip are used to make the static worm shake or vibrate. The shaky jig head allows worms to be rigged weedless, which is a great advantage when fishing snaggy or weedy areas. Hooks are premium quality, chemically sharpened Ultra Point from Mustad, in Black Nickel finish. These are standard wire, super sharp, with a flat (forward facing) eye, round bend and small barb that can be easily crushed if required. 5pcs per pack.

Weight: 7g

Hook size: 4/0

Length (measured from eye to bend): 48mm

Width of gape: 17mm