AGM Finesse Glider Jig Head 10.5g – Size 4/0 (5pcs)


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AGM Finesse Glider jig heads are flattened and curved, great for swimming soft plastic lures over weed beds, or dragging along a sandy/silty bottom. The unique shape helps to accentuate the wobble of paddle tails and curl tails on a fast retrieve. The flattened nature of these jig heads also helps to slow the rate of fall, giving a greater chance of takes on the drop. They are made with Eagle Claw Pro-V sickle hooks, the angular bend gives surprising strength for a light wire hook and helps to keep more fish on, even with the barb flattened. Featuring a super sharp, curved point and small barb for excellent penetration. 5pcs per pack.

Weight: 10.5g

Hook size: 4/0

Length (measured from eye to bend): 41mm

Width of gape: 16mm