Zoom 4″ Split-Tail Trailer – Glimmer Blue (20pcs)


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The Zoom Split-Tail Trailer is a slender lure, originally designed to be added to a spinnerbait, buzzbait or weedless skirted jig. It provides extra bulk and the slim tail produces some additional action to tempt following predators into taking a grab. The Split-Tail Trailer is also a great lure in it’s own right, rig on a jig head and hop or crawl it along the bottom (the body will take a size 1/0 hook), can also be very effective as a drop shot lure. Produced from supple, salt-infused plastic. Made in the USA, 20pcs per pack.

Length (with tail extended): 4″ (10cm)

Weight: 3.7g

Colour: Glimmer Blue (see photo)