Orka 5.5″ Marmaid – YR Sunrise (3pcs)


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The Orka Marmaid features a shad-like front section, which tapers into a super soft, curly tail with a v-shaped fin at the end. Once rigged on a jig head, the elongated tail provides a fantastic, undulating action. If you are looking for a lure that works efficiently on the very slowest of retrieves, give these a try. Even small, subtle movements are enough to give the Marmaid a lifelike action. Another nice feature is the concave nose, which gives a snug fit against ball shaped jig heads. This version measures approx 5.5″ (14cm) and weighs in at 11g, great for pike, zander, bass and pollack. Made in Serbia, 3pcs per pack.

Size (with tail extended): 5.5″ (14cm)

Weight: 11g

Colour: YR Sunrise (see photo)

Product Ref: 2114-SI-15