Kalins 5.5″ Mogambo Grub – Glow (4pcs)


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These are the original, much copied Kalin’s Mogambo grubs. They are big grubs, measuring 5.5 inches (14cm) with the tail extended and weighing 11g. They have a ribbed body and extra wide curltail, which produces a fantastic, flowing action in the water. Mogambo grubs are excellent for pike, zander and big perch in freshwater and equally effective for cod, bass, pollack etc in saltwater. Made in USA, 4pcs per pack.

*This colour emits a glow in the dark, great for added attraction at night. For a brighter glow, ‘charge’ them by holding in front of a torch for a few seconds before use.

Length (with tail extended): 5.5″ (14cm)

Weight: 11g

Colour: Glow (see photo)