Orka 2.2″ Oskar – M Pearl Blush (5pcs)


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The Orka Oskar is a shad with a difference. Instead of the aggressive, kicking paddle tail seen in most swimbaits, the Oskar has a cleverly designed ‘boot’ tail. This provides a very subtle, vibrating action, which is barely noticeable as the lure moves through the water (this also gives it a more lifelike profile). Rigged on a jig head (size 1 or 2 will fit this lure nicely) and fished with a straight or jerky retrieve, the Oskar will catch plenty of fish but it also works very well as an injured/dying fish imitator. Try rigging the Oskar on it’s side, so the hook point comes out of the flat side, rather than the back of the lure (see photo). Hopped slowly along the bottom, with plenty of pauses, twitches of the rod tip will get the tail flapping like a fish in it’s death throes. Use the lightest jig head you can get away with to give the lure a more natural fall after each hop. The Oskar will tempt pike, perch and zander. Made in Serbia, 5pcs per pack.

Length: 2.2″ (5.5cm)

Weight: 2.5g

Colour: M Pearl Blush (see photo)