Kalins 7″ Octogambo Grub – White (2pcs)


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The Octogambo grub is a decent mouthful for predators and creates a lot of action on the retrieve, thanks to the wide, curly tail. Kalins’ list this grub as 8 inches but they need a good stretch to make that length, the true size is approximately 7 inches (18cm) with tail extended, weight is 21 grams. The body and tail are roughly the same length. An excellent choice of lure for pike, zander, bass, pollack, cod etc. Made in the USA, 2pcs per pack (please note these grubs are purchased in bulk and supplied in unbranded packaging).

Length (with tail extended): 7″ (18cm)

Weight: 21g (3/4oz)

Colour: White (see photo)