Invisa Swivel 35lb (15.8kg) – Crystal Clear (5pcs)


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Aquateko’s Invisa Swivel is an innovative product that offers a number of advantages over traditional metal swivels. Firstly, they are extremely flexible and can be bent or twisted without breaking or losing any strength. Made from the same co-polymer resin as fluorocarbon, they will never corrode and their crystal clear finish makes them much less obvious in the water than metal swivels. Another great advantage is the Invisa Swivel’s buoyancy in water, they sink at a similar rate to fluorocarbon, therefore will not affect the presentation of finesse rigs. Great for connecting braid to mono/fluoro leaders. 5pcs per pack.

Breaking Strain:
 35lb (15.8kg)

Length (approx):

Crystal Clear (see photo)

Price: £3.85 per pack