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Hester Top Dog 14g – American Shad


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Hester Fishing

The Hester Top Dog exhibits that desirable “walk-the-dog” action, a proven method for catching hungry predators off the surface. After casting, leave a little slack in the line and then flick the rod tip from side to side as you retrieve the lure. This allows the Top Dog to “walk” or zig-zag across the top, you can vary the speed of retrieve and add pauses to mimic the action of a bait fish. The ripples, splashes and vibrations caused by this action on the water’s surface, along with a loud internal rattle, call predatory fish over to investigate. Fitted with 2 x size 4 VMC bronze treble hooks.

Length: 4″ (10cm)

Weight: 14g

Colour: American Shad (see photo)