Hester 4.5″ Jointed Trout Minnow – Dace


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Hester Fishing

The Hester Jointed Trout Minnow is a slender, floating lure, which will dive down to between 2ft (0.6mtrs) to 5ft (1.5mtrs) on the retrieve. It will go deeper if trolled, down to around 7ft (2.1mtrs). This lure has a very realistic finish, with big eyes and a partially transparent body, containing a reflective, holographic foil, which really catches the light as the lure rolls from side to side. The jointed body creates a lovely swimming action on the retrieve. Each lure is fitted with an internal rattle and and quality VMC Bronze trebles. Made in Poland under strict quality control, every lure is individually tank tested before leaving the factory.

Size: 4.5″ (11cm)

Diving Depth: 2-7ft (0.6-2.1mtrs)

Weight: 18g

Colour: Dace (see photo)