Gurza K-1314 Easy Swimbait Hook – size 2 (10pcs)


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A premium quality, wide gape hook from Gurza, ideal for weedless rigging of soft plastic worms, grubs, minnows etc. Produced from Hi-Carbon C80 steel wire and featuring a super sharp needle point and black nickel finish, with a forged shank for extra strength. Each hook is fitted with a helix wire coil clip with centering pin, for securing your chosen soft plastic lure firmly in place. These clips ensure that you can fish through weeds and other obstructions without fear of your lure being ripped off the hook. 10pcs per pack.

Size: 2

Length (measured from eye to bend): 34mm

Width of gape: 13.5mm

Weight: 0.33g

Wire Diameter: 1.01mm