Dixie Dancer 18g Spinnerbait – Orange/Brown


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Dixie Dancer

The Dixie Dancer spinnerbait is an excellent pike lure that will also take zander and perch. It can be retrieved straight, bumped along the bottom or jigged vertically around features (the wire frame and upturned hook make it a relatively weedless lure). Fitted with a colorado blade in polished silver finish, connected by a ball bearing swivel and a colourful multi-strand skirt, which increases the lure’s profile in the water to attract hungry predators. The Dixie Dancer has a size 2/0 hook and also features and an additional trailer hook (size 1/0) with soft plastic grub to tempt short strikers and help increase hook-ups (the trailer hook can be removed if required).

Length (approx): 5″ (12.5cm)

Total lure weight: 18g

Hook size: 2/0

Trailer Hook size: 1/0

Colour: Orange/Brown (see photo)