Dichoso 6″ Umiushi Worm (Heavy Salt) – White (6pcs)


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Dichoso Custom Baits

These are premium, hand poured worms, custom made for us by Dichoso in the USA. The super soft plastic and slim, tapering tail makes the Umiushi Worm a superbly effective lure. Small twitches of the line will give them a shimmering, lifelike action. These lures are very effective when rigged weedless/weightless on a wide gape hook (see photo opposite), also great on Carolina/Texas rigs. You can also fish the Umiushi Worm on a drop shot rig or jig head, either a jerky retrieve in midwater or crawling them along the bottom will both produce fish. This is the ‘heavy salt’ version, which adds weight to the lure, allowing for longer casts and a faster sinking action. Made in the USA, 6pcs per pack.

Length: 6″ (15.2cm)

Weight: 15g

Colour: White (see photo)

Link below to hooks shown in photo:

Gurza K-1311 Swimbait Hook – size 6/0

AGM Wide Gape Hook – size 5/0