Crazy Fish 3.4″ Floating Vibro Worm – 30D Caddisfly Pupa (5pcs)


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Crazy Fish

The Crazy Fish Floating Vibro Worm is extremely soft and flexible, which ensures it will work efficiently with any type of retrieve. Whether hopped or crawled along the bottom, swam through midwater or buzzed across the surface, this lure will give you tremendous action. It’s slender body shape means that the Vibro Worm is equally effective whether fished on a jig head, or rigged weedless on a wide gape hook (there is a hook slot on the back to aid weedless rigging). Each lure is also squid scented for extra attraction, 5pcs per pack.

This is the floating version, which gives you extra versatility. As well as the great swimming action, once the lure is on the bottom, its tail will stand up to attract the attention of any passing predators. Try creeping it along with a few subtle hops and twitches, an extremely effective way of tempting a few takes on tough days.

Length: 3.4″ (8.5cm)

Weight: 3g

Colour: 30D Caddisfly Pupa (see photo)

Scent: Squid