Crazy Fish 1.2″ MF Baby Floating Worm – 101 Pink (12pcs)


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Crazy Fish

The MF Baby Worm from Crazy Fish measures just 1.2″ (30mm) and resembles a small tail section of earthworm. Finely detailed and sweetly scented, it is a versatile finesse lure originally designed to tempt trout. It can be used on a jig head, drop shot rig or split shot rig. This is a floating lure, made from extremely buoyant TPR, a material that is also very supple and stretchy. 12pcs per pack (supplied in unbranded packaging to reduce the cost of postage).

**Please note – we don’t recommend mixing these worms with other lures, as TPR can react badly with other types of soft plastic.

Length: 1.2″ (30mm)

Weight: 0.5g

Scent: Sweet Cheese

Colour: 101 Pink (see photo)