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Booyah Pond Magic Spinnerbait 5g – Hornet



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This compact spinnerbait from Booyah features two blades (size 0 colorado, size 3 willow) to ensure maximum flash and vibration on the retrieve. Fitted with a super sharp size 2/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook and featuring a painted 5g head with 3D eyes. The skirt is made from 60 strand ultra fine Bio-Flex silicon. Spinnerbaits are extremely versatile, they can be retrieved straight, bumped along the bottom or jigged vertically around bankside weedbeds and snags (the upturned hook means that they are virtually weedless). Excellent lures for pike, zander, perch and chub.

Weight: 5g (3/16oz)

Colour: Hornet (see photo)

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