Big Hammer 3″ Swimbait – *Chartreuse Phantom (5pcs)

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Big Hammer

Premium quality Big Hammer swimbaits are made from supple yet durable soft plastic and have an amazing, realistic swimming action. They feature a large, flexible square tail, which flaps and kicks even at the slowest speeds. In addition, the hydrodynamic design of the body creates a very lifelike, side to side rolling motion. This is the lightweight version, which has a noticeably slimmer, more tapered profile than the larger sizes. The 3″ (7.5cm) Big Hammer swimbait has proven to be an excellent perch lure and is also very effective for pike, zander and chub. In saltwater they will catch a wide variety of species, in fact anything that eats small fish! These lures can be used effectively with most types of jig head (see photos opposite). 5pcs per pack.

*This is the ‘Silver Phantom’ colour, except the tail colour has bled into the main body, giving it a chartreuse pearl colour. Still a great colour, price reduced to just £1.99

Length: 3″ (7.5cm)

Weight: 5g

Colour: *Chartreuse Phantom (see photo)