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Big Bite Swing Football Head 14g – Size 6/0 (4pcs)


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Big Bite Baits

The Big Bite Swing Head features a ‘football’ (rugby ball) shaped lead head in black paint finish, linked to a big, extra strong, wide gape Gamakatsu hook (size 6/0). Unlike regular jig heads, the hook is attached to the head via a stainless steel eye, which allows lots of additional movement. This free-swinging design also has the advantage of preventing hooked fish from generating any leverage and throwing the hook whilst being played. Suitable for weedless rigging a wide variety of soft plastic lures (see suggestions on the photo above). 4pcs per pack.

Weight: 14g (1/2oz)

Hook size: 6/0

Hook Length (measured form eye to bend): 60mm

Hook Gape: 25mm