Big Bite 3.75″ Jointed Jerk Minnow – Tilapia Magic (10pcs)


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Big Bite Baits

The Big Bite Jointed Jerk Minnow features a segmented section on the body, which increases it’s flexibility and allows for a more natural movement of the slim, forked tail. This lure is an excellent choice for the drop shot rig but also works very well on a jig head. Another alternative is to rig the Jointed Jerk Minnow weightless/weedless and fish it as a small darting, jerkbait (each lure has a hook slot on the top to aid weedless rigging). Infused with ‘Bite Juice’ for added attraction. Made in the USA, 10pcs per pack.

Length: 3.75″ (9.5cm)

Weight: 3.5g

Colour: Tilapia Magic (see photo)