AGM Weighted Swimbait Hook 11g – Size 5/0 (5pcs)


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Premium quality, super strong, extra wide gape hooks from Mustad, with a black nickel finish and weighted shank for weedless rigging of soft plastic swimbaits, grubs, worms etc. As well as aiding casting distance and enabling deeper water to be fished effectively, the weighted shank acts as a keel to prevent lures with tail action from spinning on the retrieve. These are similar to the standard AGM Weighted Wide Gape Hook except the weight is flared for greater stability on the retrieve and has also been placed further up the hook shank, more towards the eye (see photo). Each hook is fitted with a stainless steel hitch-hiker coil for secure attachment of your chosen lure. 5pcs per pack.

Weight: 11g

Size: 5/0

Length (measured from eye to bend): 60mm

Width of gape: 22mm