AGM 4″ Stick Worm – Chartreuse Pepper (8pcs)


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The AGM Stick Worm is flavoured with aniseed, loaded with salt and features a small hook slot to make weedless rigging easier. Each worm measures 4″ (10cm) and weighs 7g. These versatile lures are excellent for tempting bass, wrasse and pollack around our coast, plus perch and pike in freshwater. Fish them weightless, on a Carolina or Texas rig, or hop them along the bottom on a jig head. Another option is to rig them wacky style (single hook or jig head placed through the middle of the worm). This is a great method for dropping into holes and gaps in weeds where other lures can’t be used. Made in the USA, 8pcs per pack.

Length: 4″ (10cm)

Weight: 7g

Colour: Chartreuse Pepper (see photo)

More information on rigging this type of soft plastic can be found here: Senko rigging & techniques