AGM 2″/5cm Jig Skirt – Jelly Craw (3pcs)


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The AGM Jig Skirt can be used as a replacement skirt on most dressed jigs (and small spinnerbaits) or simply added to a jig head. Best used on jig heads that have a retaining barb or collar on the hook shank to keep the skirt firmly in place. Simply slide over the hook point and pull into place, the small rubber collar will form a secure grip (see jig head examples on the photo opposite). Measuring approximately 2 inches (5cm), the multi-stranded silicon skirt will give your jig head a larger profile and ensure that even small twitches will generate some lifelike movement. You can rig any type of soft plastic lure with this set up, use your imagination to mix and match different shapes and colours (see photo). 3pcs per pack.

Length (approx): 2″ (5cm)

Weight: 1.2g

Colour: Jelly Craw (see photo)