Zoom 2.5″ Swimmin Shiner – Translucent Chart. Glitter (8pcs)

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These small lures have a shad-like translucent body, laced with glitter to provide some predator-attracting flash. At the rear is a supple curly tail, which provides lots of action on the retrieve. Best fished on a jig head (size 2 is a good match), the Swimmin’ Shiner will tempt a variety of species in both fresh and salt water. With the tail extended, these lures are approximately 2.5 inches (6.4cm) in length. Made in the USA, 8pcs per pack.

Size (with tail extended): 2.5″ (6.4cm) – packaging states 2in

Weight: 1.7g

Colour: Translucent Chartreuse Glitter (see photo)