VMC 7552 BN Light Inline Treble Hook – Size 12 (8pcs)


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The 7552 Light Inline Treble Hook is part of VMC’s advanced ’75 Series’ range of hooks. Produced from forged, fine wire and featuring a hybrid bend, inline rotated eye, small barb and an incredibly sharp, needle point. These lightweight hooks are ideal for perch and zander fishing, whether used as a stinger on soft plastics or to replace trebles on crankbaits and other hard lures. Other impressive features such as the super smooth weld finish and perfectly positioned eye (see close up photo above) signal the premium quality of this treble hook. 8pcs per pack, black nickel (BN) finish.

You can read a summary of the VMC 7552 treble hook here

Size: 12

Length (measured from eye to bend): 13mm

Width of gap (measured from hook point to shank): 5.5mm

Width (measured from point to point): 11mm

Model ref: 7552 BN