Storm Wiggle Wart – V656 Moss Back Craw


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If you want a small lure for use in deeper water, the Storm Wiggle Wart is an excellent choice. This little crankbait dives steeply and will get down to around 18 feet (5.5mtrs) on the retrieve. Featuring an attractive paint finish, large contrast eyes, premium quality VMC treble hooks, duolock snap attachment and an internal rattle for extra noise and vibration. The Wiggle Wart has a wide, wobbling action that has been tempting predators for many years.

Length (not including diving lip): 2″ (5cm)

Weight: 11g (3/8oz)

Diving depth: 7-18ft (2.1-5.5mtrs)

Colour: V656 Moss Back Craw (see photo)