Wave 6″ Shadick – Mardi Gras (5pcs)


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These soft plastic jerkbaits from Wave have a tapered body with a long, sensitive tail. Great for weedless rigging on a wide gape hook (weighted or unweighted), the slim profile allows you to work them through weed without snagging (there is a generous belly slot underneath to aid rigging). You can work these lures with either a smooth, darting action or an erratic, jerky retrieve. Get the action right and they look very realistic in the water. The Shadick can also be very effective when mounted on a jig head and hopped back along the bottom or jigged vertically in deeper water. This versatile lure will tempt pike, zander, big perch, bass, pollack and other saltwater predators. Made in the USA, 5pcs per pack (please note that these lures are purchased in bulk and supplied in unbranded packaging).

6″ (15cm)


 Mardi Gras (see photo)

£2.15 per pack

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