Profi-Blinker Fibresteel Stinger 7.5cm 8kg/17.5lb – Size 10 (2pcs)


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These are ready made stingers for use with larger soft plastic lures. Each stinger is securely crimped, with a loop at one end and a Profi-Blinker size 10 treble in red finish at the other (see photo). Made with soft and flexible Fibresteel. Developed by Profi-Blinker in Germany, Fibresteel consists of a multi strand kevlar core, encased in outer strands of high quality stainless steel wire. This gives a high tensile strength and remains bite proof, whilst retaining lightness and flexibility. Made in Germany, 2pcs per pack.

Length (including hook): 7.5cm (3″)

Breaking Strain: 8kg / 17.5lb

Hook size: 10