Gurza K-1310 Long Beak Worm Hook Size 2 (12pcs)


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Gurza’s K-1310 Long Beak Worm Hook features a long, straight shank. This hook is produced from medium wire, forged for added strength and featuring two micro barbs on the shank (see photo), which help to prevent lures from slipping once rigged. Ideal for use with soft plastic worms and grubs, the K-1310 hook has an enlarged eye, which makes it a perfect match for Cheb style heads. Produced from Hi-Carbon steel and featuring a long, beaked needle point for excellent penetration and a corrosion resistant, black nickel finish. 12pcs per pack.

Size: 2

Length (measured from eye to bend): 36mm

Width of gape: 11mm

Weight: 0.285g

Wire diameter: 0.86mm