Gurza 101 LE Elite Worm Hook – Size 6 (6pcs)


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Gurza’s 101 Elite Worm hook is a lightweight hook with an extra wide gape, designed for weedless rigging small soft plastic lures (see examples on photo). Produced from high carbon vanadium steel, this hook has a forged shank for added strength and an extremely sharp, conical needle point with micro barb for perfect penetration. Featuring an enlarged eye, which makes this a particularly good hook for use with ‘Cheb’ type heads, allowing maximum freedom of movement. Corrosion resistant black nickel finish, 6pcs per pack.

Size: 6

Length (measured from eye to bend): 23mm

Width of gape: 9.5mm

Weight: 0.12g

Wire diameter: 0.68mm

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