Dichoso 6″ Twitchy Minnow – Pearl Silver (2pcs)


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Dichoso Custom Baits

This hand poured, soft plastic lure from Dichoso offers great versatility, it can be rigged and fished in a number of different ways. The Twitchy Minnow features an extremely sensitive webbed tail (see photo). Unusually, the tail on this lure is positioned vertically, which creates a natural, lifelike profile. The tail will flutter enticingly from even the tiniest vibration, it’s easy to produce a realistic action with very subtle taps and twitches of the rod. It has a deep belly slot for weedless rigging (see photo) and is also infused with anise scent for extra attraction. Made in the USA, 2pcs per pack.

Length: 6″ (15.2cm)

Weight: 14g

Colour: Pearl Silver (see photo)