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Crazy Fish 1.1″ Nano Minnow – Chart./Blk Red Watermelon (16pcs)


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Crazy Fish

The Nano Minnow from Crazy Fish has a slim, flexible body that tapers to a round paddle tail. This is the newest micro version, measuring a diminutive 1.1 inches (27mm). It’s a genuine micro swimbait, which is best rigged on a small jig head (size 10 is a good match) and will catch fish whether fished with a straight retrieve, hopped along the bottom or jigged vertically. Made with a super soft plastic formula, these lures are very supple and provide lots of action in the water, perch and other small predators find them irresistible. The Nano Minnow is also scented for extra attraction. There are two colours in each pack (8pcs in each colour, 16pcs in total), lures are nicely packaged to ensure the tails aren’t flattened.

*These colours are UV enhanced for added visibility in the water

Length: 1.1″ (27mm)

Weight: 0.2g

Colour: 6 Chartreuse & 68 Black/Red Watermelon (see photo)

Scent: Squid