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Crazy Fish 1.1″ Allure – 12 Ultraviolet (10pcs)

Crazy Fish


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The Crazy Fish Allure is a nicely detailed little lure, which resembles an insect or aquatic nymph. With two long appendages at the rear, plus legs and fins on the body, this lure can be given lifelike movement with subtle taps and twitches. The Allure works really well on a jig head, flex head, drop shot or split shot rig (see rigging examples opposite). Scented for added attraction, it’s a great choice for tempting perch, zander, trout and LRF species. 10pcs per pack.

**This colour is UV enhanced for added visibility in the water

Length: 1.1″ (27mm)

Weight: 0.25g

Colour: 12 Ultraviolet (see photo)

Scent: Squid

Links below to jig heads/hooks shown in photo opposite:

Crazy Fish Tungsten Flex Head

Crazy Fish Round Bend Joint Hook – size 10

AGM Finesse Jig Head 0.7g size 10


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