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Big Hammer 5″ Swimbait – Bleeding Trout (4pcs)


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Big Hammer

Premium quality Big Hammer swimbaits are made from supple yet durable plastic and have an amazing, realistic swimming action. They feature a large, flexible square tail, which flaps and kicks even at the slowest speeds. In addition, the hydrodynamic design of the body creates a very lifelike, side to side rolling motion. In this size they are great for pike, zander and big perch in freshwater. In saltwater they will attract a wide variety of predatory species. Big Hammer swimbaits can be fished effectively with any jig head but the blunt front end is particularly suited to ‘shad’ type jig heads. 4pcs per pack.

Length: 5″ (12.5cm)

Weight: 14g

Colour: Bleeding Trout (see photo)