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Big Bite 4″ Swimming Mama – Alabama Craw (8pcs)


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Big Bite Baits

The Swimming Mama from Big Bite Baits is a versatile lure, which features a flattened, ribbed body with a central hook slot on top, making it perfect for weedless rigging (a size 3/0 wide gape hook is ideal, see 4″ YoMama for rigging suggestions). Flavoured with ‘Bite Juice’, this lure is an excellent choice for Texas rigs in both fresh and salt water. It can be hopped or crawled along the bottom to imitate a crayfish or aquatic creature. In shallow water they work brilliantly when rigged weightless and weedless and either twitched around to imitate an injured fish or worked just under the surface like a frog. Also very effective when fished on a jig head or used a trailer on a skirted jig, the twin curly tails at the rear of the lure provide a nice swimming action on the retrieve. Made in the USA, 8pcs per pack.

Length: 4″ (10cm)

Weight: 10g

Colour: Alabama Craw (see photo)