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Big Bite 3″ Real Deal Shad – Shad (5pcs)


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Big Bite Baits

The Real Deal Shad from Big Bite Baits, is a very realistic bait fish imitation. Designed to be super versatile, this lure can be rigged on a jig head (size 2/0 is a good match), or rigged weedless for use on a Texas rig, drop shot rig or even fished weightless in shallow water. The unique twin tail has separate upper and lower lobes, which flap alternately on the retrieve, creating a lively and lifelike swimming action. The body is thin, extremely supple, and features bright 3D eyes, pectoral fins and natural colours, as well as a deep belly slot to aid weedless rigging. The Real Deal Shad can either be rigged vertically like a traditional shad (with the hook point coming out of it’s back) or ‘flat side up’ with the hook point coming out of it’s side. 5pcs per pack.

Length: 3″ (7.5cm)

Weight: 4g

Colour: Shad (see photo)