AGM Tungsten Line Weight 0.5g (7pcs)


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AGM Tungsten weights are produced from 97% pure tungsten, which is denser than lead and safe to use in all UK waters. As well as being smaller than weights made from other materials, tungsten is a harder metal, which gives you more sensitivity and feedback during use. These versatile, slim line weights come with two rubber end caps that are threaded on to your line or leader, the prongs on each end of the weight are then pushed into the caps to secure (see photo). Once in place, the line sits in a smooth linear groove on the side of the weight, giving a clean, streamlined finish. Weights from 0.5g up to 2g will all fit the same end caps, so can be interchanged whilst fishing without having to break down your tackle. Commonly used for Carolina and ‘split shot’ rigs, 7pcs per pack.

Weight: 0.5g

Length: 18mm