Relax 3″ Turbo Twister – Motor Oil (6pcs)


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The Turbo Twister from Relax has a deeply ribbed, super soft body and supple curly tail. Although the ribs give the body a bulky appearance, these lures only weigh in at 2g each. They can be fished on a jig head, the curly tail giving them a nice swimming action on the retrieve. Where a weedless presentation is required, they excel on a Texas or carolina rig (see photo for rigging examples). For shallow, weedy areas, the Turbo Twister can also be fished weightless and worked around/over the vegetation, it’s soft body collapses easily to expose the hook when a fish strikes. Made in the USA, 6pcs per pack.

Length (with tail extended): 3″ (7.6cm)

Weight: 2g

Colour: Motor Oil (see photo)

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