Zoom 3" Tiny Fluke - Watermelon Red (20pcs)

Zoom 3" Tiny Fluke - Watermelon Red (20pcs)

Zoom 3\" Tiny Fluke - Watermelon Red (20pcs)
Brand Zoom
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Product Description

Zoom's Tiny Fluke is a great finesse lure that excels on a drop shot rig, the supple plastic ensuring lots of wiggle as they are twitched. Also very effective when fished weightless on a small wide gape hook, jerk them around features to create the look of an injured bait fish, perch can't resist! For deeper water, fish the Tiny Fluke on a jig head and bounce along the bottom, can also be used on Carolina rigs. Put simply, these are very effective and versatile lures. Made in USA, 20pcs per pack.

3" (7.6cm)

Weight: 2g

 Watermelon Red (see photo)

£4.99 per pack