Welcome to our new site

Welcome to our new website, we hope you like it. A big upgrade for 2019, our new site includes a number of additional features, which will enable us to keep you better informed, as well as making it easier to find what you want more quickly. 

Predictive Search

Try our new search function, click the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen. As you type, products matching your search will automatically appear.

Improved Navigation

We’ve simplified our menu into a multi column drop down menu, so you can quickly jump to wherever you need to be.


Now you can slice through our products however you like. You can filter by brand, size, type etc all at the same time. We think it’s going to make finding specific items much easier.

We’d really like to hear your feedback. If you think anything can be tweaked or improved, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.  We will be constantly updating and improving the site, to give you the best possible browsing experience, along with lots of new and interesting products. Obviously with a new site there can be a few glitches, if you discover anything that isn’t working correctly, please let us know and we will get it fixed!