Wave 5" Tiki Snake - LSU (7pcs)

Wave 5" Tiki Snake - LSU (7pcs)

Wave 5\" Tiki Snake - LSU (7pcs)
Wave Fishing
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The Tiki Snake can be rigged on a wide gape hook (size 3/0-4/0) and used as a swimbait, or rigged on a jig head and fished like a big grub. These lures are made from supple, soft plastic and the tail gives a superb swiming action, even at slow speeds. Once Texas rigged, they are great for fishing weedy areas, they can be pulled over lily pads and dropped into gaps, the curly tail working nicely on the drop. The Tiki Snake is infused with 'Molopo' additive, which gives it an appealing aniseed scent. Made in the USA, 7pcs per pack.

Length (with tail extended):
5" (12.5cm)


 LSU (see photo)

£2.99 per pack