Wave 3.5" Tiki Grub - Strawberry Cream Swirl (14pcs)

Wave 3.5" Tiki Grub - Strawberry Cream Swirl (14pcs)

Wave 3.5\" Tiki Grub - Strawberry Cream Swirl (14pcs)
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The WaveTiki Grub has a fat ribbed body and wide tail, weighing in at approx 5g (3/16oz). They have a lovely action, the big curltail provides a nice rippling, swimming motion on the retrieve. Equally effective when Texas rigged (size 1 or 1/0 wide gape hook) or fished on a jighead (size 1/0-3/0), these grubs will catch all predatory species in both freshwater and saltwater. Infused with Molopo (aniseed) scent for extra attraction, they are simple but brilliantly effective lures. Also excellent as trailers on spoons, spinnerbaits etc. Made in the USA, 14pcs per pack.

Size (with tail extended): 3.5" (9cm)


Strawberry Cream Swirl (see photo)

£2.50 per pack