Storm 5" Rattle Tube - Pearl (10pcs & 2 jigheads)

**Storm 5" Rattle Tube - Pearl (10pcs & 2 jig heads)

**Storm 5\" Rattle Tube - Pearl (10pcs & 2 jig heads)
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Brand Storm
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Product Description

These Storm tubes are feature packed lures, with aniseed bioscent, holo flash foil, internal rattle chamber and salt impregnated tail (plus 2 x free VMC jig heads). Tube lures are made of hollowed-out, cylindrical soft plastic with a tentacled skirt at the open end. They need to be mounted on a jig head, which is slid into the cavity of the body. Once fully in, the eye is then poked through the 'nose' of the lure so you can attach your trace. These lures are perfect for 'sink and draw' technique, cast out and let them fall to the bottom on a slack line, the spiralling motion often attracts takes on the drop. The retrieve should be a series of hops and twitches caused by lifting the rod tip as you recover line. They are hugely popular in the USA and work just as well over here for pike, perch, zander and saltwater predators. 10pcs per pack plus 2 x premium quality VMC Barbarian jig heads and rigging instructions.

**PLEASE NOTE - These lures are fitted with an internal rattle but we've discovered that some of the rattles don't actually work! Because of this, we are offering them at the reduced price of £2.25 per pack, normal price is £2.99**

5" (12.5cm)

Colour: Pearl (see photo)

£2.99 per pack