**AGM 11" Eel - Smoke

**AGM 11\" Eel - Smoke
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These big, flexible soft plastic eels are a versatile lure that will tempt hungry bass and pollack, plus pike in freshwater. They can be rigged weedless with a wide gape hook (weighted or unweighted), this works great in shallower water and allows the supple eel plenty of fish attracting movement. For deeper water, use a jig head and try fishing them with a jerky, sink and draw retrieve or hopping them along the bottom. Made in the USA.

** SLIGHT SECONDS - PRICE REDUCED TO CLEAR (These eels have some indentations on the body where the soft plastic hasn't filled out the mould. This is a cosmetic fault, the lures work perfectly well and can be rigged/fished as normal) **

Weight: 1.25oz (35g)

Colour: Smoke (see photo)

£1.50 each