AGM 1.75" Skirt Grub - Smoke Shad (10pcs)

AGM 1.75" Skirt Grub - Smoke Shad (10pcs)

AGM 1.75\" Skirt Grub - Smoke Shad (10pcs)
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The AGM Skirt Grub is probably best described as a cross between a grub and a tube. It has a solid, ribbed body but instead of a curly tail, features a multi strand skirt. This skirt provides a subtle, lifelike action in the water and responds well to small twitches and jerks. They are also infused with aniseed scent for added attraction. Very effective when rigged on a small jig head and crawled or hopped back along the bottom. The Skirt Grub can also be used on split shot or drop shot rigs. 10pcs per pack.

1.75" (4.5cm)

Smoke Shad (see photo)

£1.50 per pack