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Strike King Bitsy Bug 5g (3/16oz) Weedless Mini Jig – Green Pumpkin Craw


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Strike King

These small, skirted, weedless jigs from Strike King are great for dropping into inaccessible swims, undercut banks and snaggy areas. The silicon skirt ensures that even a small twitches and hops will give the jig lifelike movement. For added attraction, try adding a small soft plastic grub, shad or crayfish to the hook (there is a small barb on the shank to keep trailers securely attached). Nylon bristles on the front of the jig help to prevent the hook from snagging. These lures will take perch, pike, chub and zander.

Weight of head: 5g (3/16oz)

Total Weight (inc skirt): 7.2g

Colour: 46 Green Pumpkin Craw (see photo)